“We Know How To Maximise Rental Property Tax Returns”

Tax Guide for Rental Property Owners

We know property management, tax and accounting and we specialise in the rental property market industry. With the combination of 25 years of property management experience and 40 years of accounting/tax experience, we believe Rental Property Tax Accountants Pty Ltd, Perth Accountants, are best suited to maximise property owners accounting and tax issues.

Lloyd Richardson - Director

Lloyd has been involved in the accounting industry since 1977, owning several high-profile accounting firms, and in 2016 set up a national branded tax firm plus:

  • Founded/purchased, managed and sold over 19 varied businesses, including, accounting, finance, motels, hotels, manufacturing and export, franchise consulting and insurance.
  • Head Judge from 2008 – 2011 to the Midwest Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence.
  • WA CPA public practice president and 8 years on the committee.
  • A public speaker on business and financial management, presented over 70 business seminars and workshops around Australia.

Lloyd will now head the team to give real benefits to our valued clients.

Suzanne Brown -Director

Suzanne is also owner and director of Rentwest, one of WA’s largest property management companies and she began her career at the age of twenty-one and secured the title of being the youngest woman to obtain a real estate licence in WA. Since then she has established herself as a leading figure in Perth’s real estate and property management industry and has built Rentwest up to become the 1100-property management business it is today.

Suzanne plays a key role at Rentwest, overseeing strategic and operational tasks as well as taking responsibility for marketing, business development and guiding our growing team to ever-greater heights. She is now using these skills and management to grow Rental Property Tax Accountants.

Lloyd Richardson - Director

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